When working on any airport construction or paving project, there are three key factors for project success: accuracy, timeliness and compliance.  PaveSmart technology and support teams offer flawless results. We’ve worked on over 300 airport projects in the US and worldwide.

300 airport projects worldwide
PaveSmart technology and support teams offer flawless results. We’ve worked on over 300 airport projects in the US and worldwide, including Australia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

FAA Specifications
We understand your obligations under the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) and Civil Aviation Safety Authority Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and (CASA) regulations along with the stringency you need to adhere to under international specifications and guidelines.

Experience over 20 years
No other control solution has been used as much as PaveSmart. Bringing over 20 years of experience and expertise to the job, our survey teams provide full support to your airport project. They work alongside your team to help with prebuild design and survey to confirm levels, check plans and specifications, help with build measurements, project management, control milling and paving, and ensure as-built survey conformance.

Millimeter precision paving and milling
Our control solutions provide millimeter accuracy for all milling and paving operations. We know first-hand that airport work is design critical. We also understand that this type of work is time critical, with no room for unexpected delays or errors with time frames.

  • 300 airport projects worldwide
  • Experienced team of true industry professionals
  • PaveSmart grade control for flawless results
  • Additional 2D and 3D solutions
  • Full field survey team for line marking, lighting and pavement set out

Road Rehabilitation

PaveSmart sets the scene for ultimate paving and milling accuracy on new roading projects as well as the reconstruction, rehabilitation or maintenance of existing roads.

Intelligent technology
Intelligent technology ensures strict adherence to the design criteria you’re working to, helping you avoid any errors or discrepancies in milling and paving. At Synergy we have the people and PaveSmart technology to ensure your next critical project is on time, on grade and on specification.

Over 20 years experience
With over 20 years of major infrastructure project experience, our team will help ensure your next redesign or rehabilitation project meets its milestones for smoothness and accuracy.

Road stabilization
From base rock rehabilitation and foam bitumen or cement treated stabilization through to deep-lift milling and replacement of asphalt pavements, we have the technology and the people to ensure adherence to strict contractual specifications.

Survey design
We also specialize in changing of geometric shape through CAD design in order to increase traffic safety on dangerous sections of road where cambers need be adjusted for traffic speed and to ensure a properly drained road surface during intense weather conditions.

Bitumen treated base
Weather you are laying cement or bitumen treated base rock with your paver or wanting to improve ride after grading, using PaveSmart grade control and other Synergy pavement technologies will ensure quality on time and on budget.

  • Foam bitumen or cement treated base grade control
  • High-speed road scanning and smoothness redesign
  • Ride and cross-fall improvement for increased safety
  • Best fit models for improved smoothness with milling and paving control

Sports fields and tracks

There is no room for error when health and safety is of concern – for players, drivers and spectators in and around sports such as football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, car racing etc.

Always on grade
PaveSmart helps you create an even pitch with minimal falls and grades. Intelligent technology ensures strict adherence to the design criteria you’re working to, helping you avoid any errors or discrepancies in milling and paving. At Synergy we have the people and PaveSmart technology to ensure your next critical project is on time, on grade and on specification.

International standards
Synergy’s PaveSmart control system has been used in a range of sports field developments across Australasia and North America. This, too, is a sector with a variety of international standards that need to be adhered to when a facility or sports ground is being constructed.

Years of experience
At Synergy we have many years experience working on design critical sports fields  projects, everything from Formula One Racing, to athletic running tracks, football fields, tennis courts and international field hockey pitches.

Design criteria
With strict design criteria and no margin for error, sports fields and race tracks require great attention to detail and specialist control to get right first time.

  • Motorsport race tracks
  • Football and soccer
  • Hockey and tennis
  • Ride and cross-fall improvement for increased safety
  • Super elevation and smoothness
  • Best fit models with milling and paving control


In the construction of bridges and ramps, PaveSmart is a critical design and survey tool. It can help ensure the correct lead in and out, manage bumps and shape issues, correct expansion joins, smooth bumpy concrete, and help minimize additional kilograms of weight.

Smoothing concrete surfaces
Smoothing concrete structures like a bridge deck can be a complicated balance between ride and weight. If too much asphalt is applied to make the bridge deck ride smoothly, then a very significant addition to overall bearing weight may result. There is also the need to allow for expansion joins and multiple high and low spots over very short distances.

Survey and design
The Synergy PaveSmart team can provide you with an initial survey of the existing surface, together with lead in and lead out ramps, and come up with a set of possible cut and fill design scenarios.

Optimize ride
The goal is to optimize ride and and entry and exit transitions using the smartest combination of cutting, grinding and asphalt overlay, giving you a smooth result with minimum material usage.

  • New and rehabilitated concreted bridge decks
  • Scan to produce cut and fill maps
  • Allow for expansion joins
  • Create smooth entry and exit transitions
  • Super elevation and smoothness
  • Automate your milling and paving to follow the design



Creating design improvements to existing pavements improves safety, increases design life and helps create smooth pavements.

Design improvements
As traffic volumes increase, the demands on existing pavements change, leading to the need for improvements in road surface design. At Synergy PaveSmart we have spent years meeting the exacting criteria of this ever increasing demand on roading infrastructure by creating new surface designs.

Survey and Scanning
Through the use of our innovative technology, the Synergy team scans and surveys the existing pavement to create a detailed 3D model. From this model a set of what-if analyses can be performed to produce an optimal balance between design improvement and minimum cut and fill of asphalt.

Automated control
At the completion of the design process the final 3D model is used by the Synergy team utilizing our PaveSmart control system to automate the milling and paving process. This ensures the 3D model is built according to specification through automatic level control with a full real-time as built audit.

As built reporting and monitoring
Once construction has been completed, Synergy’s high speed road scanning vehicle will report on design conformance together with ride IRI/NASSRA ride counts.

Shape correction

Improving geometric shape through design and control of milling and asphalt overlay operations increases safety, optimizes water flow and extends pavement lifespan.

Surveying existing pavement geometry
Synergy PaveSmart’s survey and design team will scan problem pavement surfaces – those that are holding water or those just don’t meet safety and design standards – and create a new, more efficient design model.

Controlling design
After the creation of a new and corrected shape design, either from the Synergy team or provided by your consultant, we will set the design and ensure completed control of the surface construction process with our automation systems which we attach directly to your paving and milling machinery.

Improvement in safety
By increasing the camber on high-speed bends, creating vertical curves to allow for changes in height or to allow for better drainage in heavy rain events, the shape corrected pavement is far safer. We can help you build to exacting millimeter design.

Hard stand areas

Aircraft parking gates, sea port operations, car parking precincts, logistics and distributions center hard stand areas pose unique challenges of minimal crossfall and the need for high structural integrity

Complex designs
In addition to requiring strict adherence to design, ensuring structural integrity, hard stand areas often pose a difficult challenge with multiple tie-ins to drains, light stands, fencing and security systems whist maintaining minimum grade — all while maintaining control of depth and pavement strength.

Control of changes of grade and slope
Often grade is very minimal, so without the proper level control system during pavement construction, water retention or lack of run-off can be a major headache for the contractor. This is especially true over multiple paving runs where the difference in absolute level is a few millimeters between each side of the asphalt mat or milling run. Synergy specializes in managing these complex grade changes, ensuring smooth and accurate transitions.

Construct on time and to design
With Synergy’s people and technology we will ensure the construction process is smooth and that we achieve specified design criteria.

  • Aircraft parking gates
  • Sea port operations
  • Car parking precincts
  • Distribution centers
  • Logistics and storage