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For over 20 years, we have been helping customers around the world bring accuracy and control to asphalt paving and milling projects. Our experience in North America, Australasia and Southeast Asia spans more than 1000 projects to date.


PaveSmart has the right tools, technology and people for your next critical pavement project

Trust Synergy PaveSmart for your next design critical asphalt paving or milling job. Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure your project has the right tools, technology and support people behind you to make it a success.

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We are the paving experts

At Synergy PaveSmart we’re driven by the success of our customers. We see our role on every project as a collaborative one and share in the responsibility to get the job done right, improve precision and accuracy, mitigate risk, and aim for perfection.


PaveSmart grade control technology has been included in over 300 airport projects – the true measure of trust when you’re working with critical asphalt level accuracy.


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Case Studies

Kentucky Interstate upgrade consisting of 32
miles of highway with variable depth milling and
paving to correct design for 9 inch concrete overlay.
Completed by Road Builders LLC and PaveSmart.


With over 20 years’ experience, Synergy’s team of asphalt paving professionals are passionate about providing critical level and grade tolerances, survey and design, on time and within budget. Our industry recognition includes worldwide affiliations, demonstrating our commitment to what we do.