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Synergy PaveSmart invests in unique road scanning technology which allows highway-speed road surveys without traffic disruption, creating a detailed survey point cloud in record time.  Combining this new technology with Synergy’s existing road design services and PaveSmart machine automation creates a one stop shop for pavement redesign, rehabilitation and control.

The Synergy Road Scanning System can quickly scan pavements and generate a model of the existing surface, allowing the creation of a design to meet smoothness expectations. Application of this design data through the PaveSmart system ensures material management stays within acceptable yields, reduces the number of lifts required to reach finished design, and maximizes productivity. 

After scanning, accurate thickness control with compensation for differential compaction is delivered through Synergy’s PaveSmart grade control system. Attached directly to your paver or milling machine, the Road Scanning System data is transferred to Synergy’s PaveSmart system which takes direct and accurate control of your paver or milling machine.

Knowing the surface details in advance allows you to successfully plan for accurate material calculation, eliminating the guesswork for the exact amount of asphalt or milling required for the project. The Synergy Road Scanning System is the perfect tool for mainline paving or milling projects requiring long sections of road that need resurfacing.