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Downer engaged Synergy PaveSmart to ensure time and cost savings on resurfacing a lengthy section of local arterial road.

In addition to the resultant logistical benefits to the project, utilising Synergy PaveSmart grade control system also resulted in a NAASRA count unlike anything recorded so far in the busy local infrastructure redevelopment scene.

Synergy Pavesmart Director Mike Milne says that after initial construction and Membrane work was completed along the major connecting route to the city’s International airport and freight precinct – a NAASRA survey recorded a less-than-satisfactory result.

“The build spec required a NAASRA count of below 30, but with Membrane Sealing already laid, initial results were well above that. We sat down with the client and came up with a methodology for proceeding with remedial work, which included a detailed as-built survey of what was already there.”

Following an initial survey using a Topcon Robotic Total Station to accurately measure paving depths, we then employed the PaveSmart grade control system – which was fitted to Downers paver to control hydraulic levels – to meet the required asphalt paving depths across the road surface with absolute precision to adhere to kerb revel, ride and tonnage constraints.

“Not only does the PaveSmart system work to incredibly accurate tolerances, meaning that surface specification always complies with or exceeds what’s expected, it will also adjust and allow for the effects of differential asphalt compaction,” says Mike.

“We also decided that, rather than proceed with smoothing the road profile from the shoulder to the medium in one grade, we’d work the profile lane-by-lane. This method of surveying enabled us to develop a grid table for each lane, allowing us to see where mix was needed, whilst constraining additional tonnage use.”

The ability to provide an accurate map of the material requirements meant that Downers project Asphalt Manager was able to lock down tonnage rates before the job even commenced, resulting in cost savings for the job.

“The profile accuracy really sped up the remedial work,” says Mike. “Downer was obviously happy with that aspect and very impressed with the finished result.”

While the overall NAASRA count was above the required mark before the Synergy PaveSmart system was implemented, the score afterwards caused an equal amount of raised eyebrows.

“We got a 13 from one lane on the initial post-pave survey run,”.

“That was so good, several project personnel couldn’t believe it, so we took the NAASRA vehicle out again and on the southbound inside lane scored a 15, with an average over the four lanes paved of 18.25”.

The Downer project was a great result for the client and a good illustration of what can be achieved with Synergy PaveSmart technology.”

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