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Synergy announces new MillSmart proprietary technology for intelligent milling operations. Featuring direct CAN control the new MillSmart system delivers survey accurate control to millimeter tolerances.

Synergy’s new MillSmart grade control system connects directly to your planers CAN system and offers distinct advantages to the engineer and/or contractor on any project requiring variable depth milling.

The unit adapts to any planer that has electric/hydraulic control, eliminates string line or complicated 3D setups, allows millimeter accurate milling, increasing productivity and is far less costly and risky to use in comparison to a conventional string-line or GPS control.

Offering both grade and slope control the new MillSmart GEN-2 now features a larger color screen, portable controls for left and right hand side use, no more standing directly beside the milling machine to make corrections.

In addition the new system has built-in diagnostics, is PNP capable and adjustments can be made “on-the-fly” while milling.

With the ability to utilize the milling machines CAN, MillSmart requires no additional reference sensors and simply uses the readings from the mills own depth control system, improving accuracy and reliability.