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Synergy Group acquires Holland Consulting LLC and PaveSmart technology amalgamating North American and Australasian services and support for critical asphalt paving and milling control.  The acquisition brings combined industry expertise of more than 20 years gained from 300 airports and 1000 projects worldwide.

20 March 2019 Santa Fe, NM, USA & Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Synergy Group CEO, Mike Milne announces the complete acquisition of Holland Consulting LLC and PaveSmart technology, expanding the portfolio of Synergy’s paving solutions. Based in Santa Fe, NM, USA Holland Consulting LLC develops PaveSmart grade control technology used in critical asphalt paving and milling projects, with a primary focus on airport reconstruction.

“We are very excited to add the depth of knowledge that Holland Consulting has developed with the PaveSmart system, a technology which Synergy’s Australasian business has been using in their consultancy services for many years” said Mike Milne, Synergy Group founder and CEO.  “The robust PaveSmart asphalt paving and milling control system will be integrated and updated into Synergy’s suite of services and technologies to provide even greater efficiencies in the asphalt paving process.”

Jason Carroll General Manager of Synergy’s Brisbane based Road Services Business Unit, said, “This acquisition allows Synergy to create asphalt paving solutions that will ensure time and cost savings for contractors as well as increase overall job quality.”

Bob Holland, the original founder of Holland Consulting LLC, said, “PaveSmart’s goal has always been to create the best tools that help improve recurring processes, making them more efficient and sustainable. Enabling our clients and users to achieve better results and create more value. I’m excited to be part of and leverage Synergy’s network and expertise to develop and deliver the best, futureproof tools and technology for the paving industry.”