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Queensland, Australia’s based contractor Ellis Profiling required a redesigned, smoothing model of a section of problem roadway.  Utilizing Synergy’s high speed surface analysis technology a design model was created and PaveSmart automated CAN control solution applied for smooth milling.

In this project an existing roadway needed deep lift rehabilitation and smoothing whilst maintaining cross fall and slope.  Typically a full survey and design process would be employed in this situation, taking time for road closures and further design and final machine control.

With the assistance of Synergy PaveSmart’s team a high speed vehicle based survey of the existing surface was undertaken, thus avoiding costly road closures.

The resulting survey data provided the basis for a new geometric design, whilst providing a baseline IRI reports.

A new design was quickly made and provided exact milling cut levels.  This design was loaded into the PaveSmart grade control system which directly controls the milling machine CAN system for precise cutting.

The resulting milling cuts ensured consistent asphalt milling depths of 200 mm or 8 inches.

A final scan was completed to verify that both shape and structural depth had been achieved and a vastly improved IRI ride count.