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Rather than rely on a large metal Averaging Beam, we affix a laser to the asphalt paver’s screed. This scans the road surface with multiple beams of light at every degree; measuring the return and calculating the height as it goes. The system scans a line to map the shape and draws an average from this.

Without the large metal obstruction bolted to the side of the asphalt paver, the Synergy Road Scanning System provides a lot more flexibility; it can be used on sports fields, in car parks and within more tightly confined spaces, not just on broader scope highway work where the Averaging Beam has traditionally been of use.

If the screed in use is extendable and asphalt needs to be laid wider than the machine, the Synergy Road Scanning System can scan over the top of the screed and include the asphalt mat and surface of the road in its scanning path

Also because the laser scans over a large distance, we can vary the length of the scan; we have a theoretical length of metal, but the system is compact enough to fit in a briefcase.  The team at Synergy Positioning can supply this flexible, compact and accurate scanning system as part of our consultancy toolbox.

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Road Scanning System Specifications
Adjustable Ski Length Yes
Easy to use Yes

Synergy Road Scanning System Brochure Click Here.

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For training on the use of this equipment, please contact synergy directly on 0800 867 266.


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