Topcon RD-M1 Scanner

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Real surface data, at speed

The RD-M1 scanner collects a constant stream of data as you drive, delivering precise surface conditions. You can quickly scan miles of road in short time, without the need for costly lane closures or re-work.


  • Downward facing LIDAR scanner for optimal road surface definition.
  • Scan at speed without lane closures.
  • Collect millions of points safely from the cab of the truck.
  • Scan rates up to 100 times per second.
  • Easy installation and removal for daily use.
  • Graphical software for intuitive processing.

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Topcon RD-M1 Scanner (Electrical)
Supply Voltage 9 to 32 VDC
Supply Current 3A operating current 7.5A surge current
Topcon RD-M1 Scanner (Physical)
Housing Powder-coated, cast aluminum
Weight 12.5 kg

Topcon RD-M1 Scanner Brochure Click Here.

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For training on the use of this equipment, please contact synergy directly on 0800 867 266.


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