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To achieve absolute smoothness in asphalt paving for certain highway applications, Synergy Positioning can also supply for hire the Big Sonic Ski Averaging Beam; this time fitted with a series of ultrasonic sensors which detect ground height.

The Sonic Ski is generally for use in broader scope environments, such as airport runways, bridge decks and approach roads.

When used in conjunction with Synergy Positioning’s profilograph system, is capable of delivering some of the lowest NAASRA and IRI bump counts in the industry.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Sonic-Ski Plus Specifications
Uninterrupted ultrasonic measurements At 11 Hz
Provides Constant virtual level reference
Big Sonic-Ski Specifications
Provides Contiuous long range virtual level reference
Eliminates Long wavelength level imperfeciton

MOBA Synergy Big-Sonic-Ski Brochure Click Here.

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For training on the use of this equipment, please contact synergy directly on 0800 867 266.


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